Kalamata restaurant received its name from the resort town in southern Peloponnese, where the famous purple-colored olive was established.


After eight years of activity it can proudly be said that Kalamata brings ancient Jaffa a colourful world of fresh Mediterranean flavours with an emphasis on Greek cuisine alongside Italian, Cypriot and Israeli touches.

From its unique location inside a beautiful stone structure of about 500 years, in the historic Kedumim Square, the restaurant is perfectly positioned between the fisherman’s port of Jaffa and the Old City.

Through the window overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a unique experience is created at Kalamata. One that combines Tel Aviv’s culinary world with the long-standing heritage of Old Jaffa and its food markets.

Together with the fragrance of anise and upbeat Greek music in the background, diners find themselves in a dream vacation on one of the blue Greek islands.

Looking forward to seeing you, 

The Kalamata family 

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